I began my career in NYC. I worked for a small agency under one of the industry greats, Nik Ives (IBM, Rayban). I was just out of college starry-eyed and completely in love with the city and the advertising lifestyle. I got my Jack Spade bag, my button-up camo shirt and my Diesel sneakers and did everything I could to make a name for myself. I joined the Art Directors Club NYC, I attended the School of Visual Arts, I took on every project I could - I was a mutt (or just exploited). I wrote, I designed, I managed accounts, I pitched business, but mainly I learned.

After about six years in the city I decided I was sick of paying a ridiculous amount of money for a tiny shithole in the village (on 11th and Avenue C) and wanted to be closer to family so I took a job in my hometown, Denver. I joined an agency that unbeknownst to me was about to go through a major management shift. In a ticking time bomb I worked on a national campaign for EAS sports with NFL athletes like Larry Fitzgerald and Matt Hasselbeck and also created a lot of packaging, sponsorship/signage, and marketing design for the brand.

The afore mentioned shakeup lead me into various freelance gigs around Denver which allowed me to work on a lot of different material. I was at an interactive shop doing front-end design, I worked on the inflight magazine for Frontier Airlines (winning the cover on numerous occasions), I worked on Retail and Shopper Marketing for Zima, and finally found a calling at JWT working on Ford.

I was at JWT for about six years as a Senior Art Director gaining a promotion to Vice President. I worked on the national Ford account with the Detroit team as well as regional groups from all over the country. I did a lot of concepting for new products and for seasonal sales events. A few years in, I was asked to become the creative lead for the Southwest region made up of AZ, NV and NM. I traveled for monthly FDAF meeting to present our national creative and decipher the needs of the group at the regional level (+/- $2.2 million). I would concept/create/budget and oversee all the creative that we produced, many times having our work picked up at the national level. I oversaw the junior staff, worked closely with our producers to find and manage talent/studio time and worked on Fords various sponsorships (NFL, MLB, NBA, collegiate, Susan G. Komen, to name a few).

I decided it was time to work on other accounts and having family in the Portland area I moved to the PNW. I freelanced around the area for a few years rebranding a national Healthcare Provider, and working on various other projects before deciding it was time to start a family of my own. I took the reigns of Dad and raised my little girl, letting advertising take a backseat to playtime, diapers and naps…thank god for naps.

Advertising can be a fickle mistress and I seriously contemplated my place in it. I felt I needed more stability for my family so I began pursuing a career in Engineering. I’ve spent the last 3 years back in school (honor roll GPA) but always kept an eye on what was happening in the ad world and over these past years I found myself missing it more and more. I need to create, I miss telling stories and solving problems. I now know all about the breaking strength of certain materials but I have no passion for it, I miss doing what I love and that’s being creative. I won’t sit idly on the bench anymore, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and start creating again.